My sons have hiked the 3000K New Zealand Te Araroa, the 730K South Korea Baekdu-daegan trail, and the 2000 mile Appalachian Trail. They swear by their Dahlgren socks. Proud mother, Susan

S. Lynn

Your socks are sensational. Foot hugging comfort and they are durable -- more durable than Darn Tough socks I’ve worn (similar in function; crew height).

D. Garfield

I bought a pair of the Men's MultiSport Compression socks about a week ago. They were a perfect fit right out of the mailer, and so light I almost didn't feel them on my feet. Because they were so light, I was a little leery of using them in my heavy fire-rated work boots--especially since my current compression socks have begun to pill from wear. I knew if your socks didn't work, I would at least have a fancy pair for dress occasions.

I tried them yesterday in my usual double-sock routine. Wow! My feet have never been drier nor happier. Usually at the end of the day I have to stuff my boots with kraft paper or newspaper; that was not so last night. I wore my boots for 18 hours, and not once did my feet complain nor did they feel at all squishy.

I thought my previous compression socks were a fantastic find (pilling not withstanding); yours blows them out of the water.

C. Caramia

Our patented Dri-Stride® Technology helps keep your feet softer, drier, and blister free.

Dahlgren Dri-stride Technology


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