All Dahlgren socks in the photos are still in my sock rotation. When the boys' outgrew (darn those teen aged boy feet!) perfectly good (Dahlgren only) socks - I snagged them for myself!

J. Solomon

I bought some hiking socks some time ago and found these to be the best socks EVER! They are comfortable, keep my feet warm and dry. I hike a lot in Alaska and these are perfect for everyday use for me! The light ones for warmer weather and I move up to your heavies for really cold weather.

M. Brown

I was given a few pairs of Dahlgren socks as a gift years ago, and have worn them constantly since for jogging, traveling, working out, and just general day-wear. They have been by far the most comfortable, durable socks ever!

M. Stephenson

Our patented Dri-Stride® Technology helps keep your feet softer, drier, and blister free.

Dahlgren Dri-stride Technology


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