I bought some hiking socks some time ago and found these to be the best socks EVER! They are comfortable, keep my feet warm and dry. I hike a lot in Alaska and these are perfect for everyday use for me! The light ones for warmer weather and I move up to your heavies for really cold weather.

M. Brown

All Dahlgren socks in the photos are still in my sock rotation. When the boys' outgrew (darn those teen aged boy feet!) perfectly good (Dahlgren only) socks - I snagged them for myself!

J. Solomon

My daughter and son-in-law are runners. They say your socks are the best at keeping them dry with no chaffing. The get Dahlgrens as stocking stuffers every Christmas.

S. Roberts

Our patented Dri-Stride® Technology helps keep your feet softer, drier, and blister free.

Dahlgren Dri-stride Technology


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