About us

Getting Started

Dahlgren Footwear began in 1978, when Ray and Diane Dahlgren set out to make the best sock possible for professional athletes. Combining the research gained from professional athletes, podiatrists, and his own experience as a professional baseball player, Ray created a sock that would keep your feet cool and dry during the rigors of intense, high performance activities.

As the design continued to improve and evolve, and feedback from testers continued to be overwhelmingly positive, Ray and Diane realized they were on to something and patented this innovative design. Other patents have followed — 6 and counting! — and while the socks have indeed changed and improved over the years, one thing that will never change is our commitment to quality, performance, comfort, an ethic of constant improvement, and the high level of customer service and respect you would expect from a family run company.

Determined to keep a close eye on quality, offer the best technology, and support our economy, Dahlgren has worked hard to ensure that all production of the entire Dahlgren line remains right here in the USA.

Dahlgren Today

Ray and Diane now work closely with their daughter, Kris Dahlgren, who continues the passion for incredible socks.

In 2010, after 15 years of working in various capacities at Dahlgren, Kris Dahlgren became president. Drawing on her years of experience in design and as an active outdoors enthusiast, Kris has added a new dimension of creativity and style to the function created by her father, Ray. When she’s not sketching new designs or working with customers, she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors and has a special place in her heart for Oregon beaches and hiking on Mt Hood and in the Columbia Gorge.

Dahlgren Footwear, Inc. is based just outside ofPortland, Oregon. With abundant rivers, mountains, deserts, beaches, and plains, it is the perfect testing ground for all of the Dahlgren line.