About us


Ray & Diane Dahlgren

These two kids had a dream. A dream of better socks. And darn it all, these two realized their dream when Ray developed the patented Dri-Stride technology that keeps feet drier and more comfortable in any environment.

Dahlgren socks last an awfully long time, but their marriage has lasted even longer. Married in 1970, they've spent their lives working, living, and playing together with activities like waterskiing, snowskiing, camping, and more. Ray's current passion is woodwork in general and custom furniture in specific, Diane's passion is finding Ray's multiple candy stashes.

Fun Fact: Ray's father was Babe Dahlgren, a professional baseball player with a career spanning from 1935 to 1947 in the major leagues. The highlight of his career came during his time with the New York Yankees, when he had the honor of replacing Lou Gehrig at first base on May 2, 1939. 


Kris Dahlgren

With her parents starting Dahlgren Footwear when she was still just a wee lass, Kris has grown up in the sock business, attending trade shows in first grade, accompanying Ray on sales calls at 13, working trade shows at 16, and in the time since, Kris has worked every job description the company has to offer. Now President of Dahlgren, her passion is product design and customer service because she loves maintaining a human connection with customers in an increasingly corporate world. In fact, should you find yourself calling customer service, odds are high that Kris will answer the phone. She's always happy to help, even and especially with the rare cranky customer.

Kris's passion is spending time with her spouse and rapidly growing kids at every opportunity. Word is she can often be found dragging them through difficult hiking trails throughout the Northwest while promising waterfalls at the end that may or may not actually be there. She claims it's good to keep them guessing.