Care instructions

Alpaca? Merino? Zones? Does that mean I have to hand wash all of my socks?!

Basic instructions:
A regular wash cycle with any non-bleach detergent and a low to medium heat dryer will do the job just fine. Our socks will not shrink and hand washing and/or line drying is not necessary.

Finer points (optional steps that will enhance and protect performance and appearance):

  • Choosing to use fabric softener is fine and will not cause any harm to the socks, however for maximum absorbency we recommend against fabric softener as that creates a fine wax-y barrier over all of the fibers. In fact, a quarter cup of white vinegar added to the wash cycle can help remove all traces of detergent and really prime the fibers for maximum absorbency.
  • High heat for extended periods ( ie, a long, hot dryer cycle or a "sanitizing" wash setting ) is not recommended as it can harm the natural fibers, causing a stiffening and thickening also known as "felting"--this specifically applies to the merino wool.
  • You can reduce pilling ( the little fiber balls that sometimes accumulate during washer/dryer cycles ) by washing and drying the socks inside out.
  • The only hard and fast rule is never use bleach.

By following these basic recommendations, you can look forward to comfortable, durable use for a long time to come.

What should I NEVER do to my Dahlgrens?

NEVER USE BLEACH—it destroys the natural fibers.

Also, too much heat or too much dryer time can cause the Merino wool in the socks to felt (become stiff and bulky). This won't affect performance, but even with the super soft Alpaca they won't be as nice and soft as they once were.

Will my socks shrink? Should I buy a larger size so they fit after I wash them?

No. Dahlgren's will not shrink. Purchase according to your actual shoe size and enjoy great fitting socks, wash after wash.

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