Dri-Stride® Technology

Technology that turns your sock into a secret weapon

Feet can produces over 1 US pint of perspiration per day.

  • Natural fibers are great at absorbing moisture, not so great at wicking or releasing it.
  • Synthetic fibers are great at wicking and releasing moisture, not so great at absorbing it.

Unaddressed, that moisture can cause problems—it can make you feel colder, it can make you feel hotter, it can cause blisters, and create general discomfort and fatigue that distracts from your activity.

After years of research and field testing under every condition this world has to offer, Dahlgren pioneered and patented a system that not only absorbs this sweat, but also continually moves it to where it can be evaporated.

With Dahlgren’s patented Dri-Stride® Technology, your Dahlgrens become a secret weapon against temperature swings, discomfort and even blisters. We want you to focus on your activity, not your feet.

Our solution is to treat the sock as two zones:

The zone inside the shoe and the zone outside the shoe.

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By absorbing and removing moisture as it is created, feet are warmer in cold temps, cooler in warm temps, and drier and more comfortable everywhere. Dahlgren socks are made using our exclusive, patented Dri-Stride® Moisture Management Technology in every beautiful sock we produce. We use Alpaca & Merino wool in our Absorption Zones and Therma-Dri™ synthetic fiber to transfer and ultimately remove moisture from your shoe. Many claim to remove moisture, but only Dahlgren has Dri-Stride® 

Dahlgren's patented DriStride® technology keeps feet drier, proves greater comfort all day every day, all while creating world peace through happy feet.

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Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold
  • No bleach
  • Tumble dry low heat
  • Enjoy!