Unisex Traveler's Compression

Unisex Traveler's Compression

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Knee High | Targeted, Light Cushion Under Foot Only | Active, Graduated Compression 

Long lines standing, long concourses to walk, hours of sitting and waiting, flights that cause swelling in your lower extremities; travel can really take a toll on us! Take our Traveler's Compression along and you'll arrive feeling energetic, refreshed, and ready to go! With 15-20 mmHg graduated compression, the Traveler's Compression supports circulation and helps reduce swelling and fatigue. More than just a compression sock, Dri-Stride® patented technology keeps your feet drier, comfortable, and blister free.

  • 15–20 mmHg graduated, active compression.
  • Improves circulation, reduces lower leg swelling, improves stamina, helps muscles recover from exertion more quickly and helps reduce risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
  • Cushioned under the foot, cushion free upper for comfort.
  • Mesh body for ventilation and thermal regulation.
  • Patented Dri-Stride® System.
  • Alpaca/Merino Wool in Absorption Zones.
  • Therma-Dri™ in Transfer & Evaporation Zones.
  • Great for flying, travel, hiking, walking, sitting or standing for prolonged periods.
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